Sunday, December 20, 2009

How do Massachusetts "Sons of Liberty" View Guantanamo?

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Politicians in Massachusetts may be said to be the true descendants of the Revolutionary War era "Sons of Liberty." Perhaps they should be looking over their shoulders . . . .

Issues of freedom of speech and association, limitations on power, and due process are as alive today as they were in the 1770s in Massachusetts Bay Colony. These issues are explored in the film The Response.

A major screening of The Response is scheduled for Harvard University for May 4, 2010. (For updates on specific time and venue, and associated events, see the Facebook event page.)

In January, 2010, the town of Newton offered to accept one Guantanamo detainee, and Amherst did the same for two others in November, 2009. (Full story.)

Congressman John Olver (D, 1st) has said, "Nearly seven years after 9/11 we have yet to implement an effective justice system for detainees apprehended in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. By treating captives from the war on terror as enemy combatants rather than prisoners of war, the Bush Administration has denied individuals due process and often held them for months or years without charge or trial. Inhumane interrogation techniques have been consistently used at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo in addition to other sites around the world." (more by Congressman Olver on Guantanamo)

Congressman Ed Markey (D, 7th) praised President Obama's move to close Guantanamo, saying "The Bush administration’s torture policies, extraordinary renditions and operation of the Guantanamo Bay prison were contrary to the best traditions of the United States." (more by Congressman Markey on Guantanamo)

Commenting on U.S. actions at Guantanamo, Congressman Bill Delahunt (D, 10) has said, “The damage from Guantanamo goes well beyond the pain and suffering of these individuals and their families. It has dealt a severe blow to America’s image in the world that will take decades to overcome. It is time for our government to correct these mistakes and design a system that reflects our values and embraces the rule of law.” (more by Congressman Delahunt on Guantanamo)

Contact your representative and urge them to attend the Harvard University screening in May.

Information on how to contact your representative, and on their Guantanamo positions, is shown below.

(Don't know who your representative is? Look him/her up by zip code here.)

(Don't know how what to say? Suggestions for getting started here.)

Capuano, Michael E. D8thContact
Delahunt, Bill D10thContactOn Gitmoabove
Frank, Barney D4thContact
Lynch, Stephen F. D9thContact
McGovern, James P. D3rdContact
Markey, Edward J. D7thContactOn Gitmoabove
Neal, Richard E. D2ndContact
Olver, John W. D1stContactOn Gitmoabove
Tierney, John F. D6thContact
Tsongas, Niki D5thContact

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